"October 9th 1977 - November 10th 1996"

The only witness Yafeu "YAK" Fula also known as Kadafi one if Pacs outlawz said he could possibly identify 2-Pacs killer. Fula was riding in the car behind Suge's on the night 2-Pac was hit. The police let him go home to New Jersey without interviewing him in depth about what he saw. Also in the backseat with him was E.D.I another outlaw member who who sat on the curb several hours waiting to be questioned then finally when he told the police he didn't see anything he was let go. But the key witness "Kadafi" told them he could help and they let him go

"West Side ~ throw it up"

On Sunday November 10th 1996 2 months after Pac's shooting "Kadafi" was visiting his girlfriend in Orange, New Jersey at a housing project when gun shots erupted in the hallway. Kadafi was wearing a vest but it didnt save him he had been shot in the face between the eyes at point blank range "Execution style". Here was the witness the police say they were looking for over the past 2 months. The day after his murder Kevin Manning stated "I dont even know how to pronounce his name, let alone spell it, we had a hard time finding him and we didnt know where he was till he showed up dead." I can't believe the police couldn't locate him for 2 months its not like he was on the run for something, they just didnt care.

"lil Pac & lil Kadafi"

"I'm back reincarnated, incarcerated at the time. We don't die nigga, but we multiply, we like legends nigga I'll make you famous motherfucker"

Kadafi was Tupac's half brother this is why you see many pictures of the 2 of them together when they were smaller. Kadafi was the best member of the OUTLAWZ as far as musical talent goes. Was the true reason behind his death because he knew who killed 'Pac and was going to tell the police ? It turned out that the killer of Kadafi was Napoleon's own cousin.

Critics of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas police have stated that if Tupac and Biggie would have been white both cases would have gotten more attention from the investigators. Here are 2 huge mega stars in their field of work, each with double platinum albums and yet both murders are still to this day UNSOLVED? All the detectives can say is that the witnesses were uncooperative.

"Pay off the block evade the cops cause I know they comin for me I been hesitant to reappear, been away for years Now I'm back my adversaries been reduced to tears."

On the DVD "2-Pac Assassination" You've also got a "new" story about Kadafi now telling the police he couldn't identify the shooter but only the driver? Cathy Scott who also is on the DVD wrote a book called "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" and in her book she reported that Kadafi was the only eye witness of the shooter and he told the police he could maybe identify the shooter. Why now are they changing this story. We can't ask Kadafi because he is dead a victim of a "random" shooting which was done execution style by the way.

Any way you want to look at this someone wanted Kadafi silenced and in less than 2 months after Pac was shot Kadafi was shot to death.

"The feds is watching, niggas plottin to get me , will I survive, will I die, come on lets picture the possibilities"

In the following week of Tupac�s shooting three people were killed in 12 shootings. The police performed a massive raid of almost 40 houses including Orlando Anderson�s where they confiscated a Deathrow Pendant. On Sept the 9th, on East Alondra, a man who Las Vegas police said may have been in the Cadillac was shot in the back. On the 11th Bobby Finch, who Compton cops said may have also been in the Cadillac was gunned down on South Mayo at 9:05 am. Two bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot. On May 29, 1998, Anderson and his friend Michael Reed Dorrough pulled into the parking lot of Cigs Record Store at the intersection of Alondra and Oleander in Compton. Here he met Michael Stone, also a crip, who was with his nephew, Jerry Stone. Tempers rose and a gunfight erupted. Orlando and the Stones were all fatally injured. An informant told police it was connected with the killing of Tupac, others said it was over money. It seems odd that if Orlando Anderson were responsible for the killing of Tupac it would take two years before he was killed, by a fellow crip nonetheless. Las Vegas is still very much a mob town. No one gets killed on the strip . You have to pretty much get permission in order for something like this to happen. Who was calling the shots on this one?