"Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking one's death to fool their enemies."

On Tuesday November 5th, Death Row released the final recording of rap artist 2-Pac Shakur ~ aka ~ Makaveli. Meaning...EXIT...TUPAC...ENTER...MAKAVELI!!

At 12:01, one past midnight millions of fans waited outside music stores anticipating the release of the Makaveli - the don killuminati - the 7 day theory album. The irony here is that on the same day millions were voting for President of the United States of America while this was going on.

"Niccolo Machiavelli 10 Point Plan"

The name Makaveli or the correct spelling Machiavelli goes hand and hand with controversy. Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a handful of books in the 14th century many of which Tupac became fasinated with while in prison. One mainly being "The Prince" in which Machiavelli presents a ten point plan for aspiring conquerors which includes:

1)Studying and familiarizing one's self with the Kingdom's that they wish to conquer.

2)Annihilating or expelling the conquered King's.

3)Extinguishing all heirs to the throne.

4)Purging the Kingdom(s) of defectors, spies, and traitors.

5)Selecting advisors who will strengthen one's Kingdom.

6)Keeping previously established oppressive taxes and laws. Or, establishing them.

7)Intimidating or putting the fear in the hearts of neighboring Kings.

8)Moving to, and residing in the newly conquered Kingdom.

9)If one chooses not to reside in or near those Kingdom(s), then establishing colonies there.

10)If one does not reside there, nor establishes colonies there, then sending troops to occupy the area. (All the while the Prince must be mindful, that he can never really trust anyone- except for himself; that fearful subjects ae better than loving subjects; and finally, that everything and everyone is expendable for the sake of one's Kingdom.

"Breaking down the 10 point plan in TUPAC'S world today"

1)Tupac became very familiar with Death Row and how it worked. He studied it and made plans to even leave it as his contract was ending. Tupac knew that Death Row couldn't survive without him on the label so by him leaving and starting his own company this in itself would be a crushing blow to the "KINGDOM" ~ aka ~ Death Row. Tupac also had the East Coast and the West Coast going at it due to his beef with "BIGGIE" and Sean "PUFFY" Combs.

2)March 9th, 1997 the death of Biggie Smalls. Tupac's connection to Biggie was going to be Biggie's downfall now Pac's biggest competition in the East is dead. Suge Knight, who got out of prison in 2003 after nearly five years behind bars for a parole violation, has been unable to return Tha Row to its glory days and had to file bankruptcy. Now one of the biggest record labels in the music industry has gone bankrupt. I doubt this would have happended if 2-Pac would have still been on the label. Also by Biggie Smalls being out of the RAP game "BAD BOY" entertainment Sean "Puffy" Combs label was as good as dead too since "Biggie" was his #1 act.

3)Number 3 in the plan didn't pertain to Tupac's plan.

4)Tupac learned at the end of his contract that Death ROW had been keeping alot of Tupac's money and that he really didn't have or own much. I think this is where Death Row becomes the traitor to Tupac and this is when he decides to get stuff in order and leave. The plan is set into motion shortly here after.

5)I think Tupac's advisor's who strengthen his kingdom are the "OUTLAWZ" ~ Kadafi, Hussein, Kastro, E.D.I. Mean, Napolean, Mussolini, and Khomeini.

6)Number 6 in the plan didn't pertain to Tupac's plan.

7)Intimidating or putting the fear in the hearts of neighboring Kings was what Tupac was all about. You can hear this in his interviews, his songs, his video's. Tupac never had a problem with expressing himself verbally or letting anyone know how he felt. The opening of "Bomb First" is a warning to his enemies as he puts it so blunt "Im a Bad Boy Killa, Jay-Z die too, looking out for Mobb Deep, nigga when I find you, weak mother fuckers don't deserve to breathe.

8)Number 8 in the plan didn't pertain to Tupac's plan.

9)I think this referes to the fact that Tupac cannot hang out where he wants to so the OUTLAWZ have to reside in the areas.

10)This one point is the scariest one of them all I think it can refer to many things with Tupac one being Kadafi Pac's cousin and OUTLAW member who was the one who witnessed the shooting. The part that says everything and everyone is expendable for the sake of one's Kingdom might be refering to him and his death because he was the only one who saw the actual shooter that night in Vegas. And also the part about how he can really never trust anyone this is a good statement when you look at Suge Knight and how he turned on Tupac in the end.

"A Prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive"