"Fuck tha Illuminati"

"KILL the Illuminati"

Tupac Shakur always refered himself as the leader agasint the Illuminati. Look at the title of his last CD. Makaveli The Don Killuminati: the 7 day theory. Killuminati is another way of saying KILL the ILLUMINATI.

Kill + Illuminati = Killuminati.... ITS pretty easy to read into it. Pac wasn't trying to fool anyone here thats why they were after him in the end as well as the government and as well as Suge Knight.

This Illuminati is a long-rumored secret society who is said to control governments and countries behind a curtain without the general population knowing.

The Illuminati is a New World Order many people refer to it as this. Many rappers as well even Puffy has it in songs.It it all about racism and a new world government.

"And I made myself so easy to love" ~ "Hate" ~ Blue Print 3.

From Jay-Z to Jay Hova ~ which means nothing by the way Jay-Z also goes by other alias such a "Jigga, Hov, etc"

It's ridiculous all the talk and speculation about Jay-Z and the Illuminati.

Lets look at the suspicious facts and see whats going on:

His so called Masonary sign is "THE ROC" is this a coincidence? YES NOTHING MORE. Jay has been using the ROC since he came out!

It is ridiculous to say that Jay-Z worships the Devil!!

Not all Hip Hop and Rap is evil people. My question is why now? Why are we or should I say "you" targeting Jay-Z? Is it because he is rich beyond words, or is it because he has Beyonce, is it because he hangs with President Obama, or is it because no one other than the Beatles have out sold Jay...not even Elvis?


Lets look at the song "LUCIFER" off the Black album that was made years ago which by the way Kanye wrote for Jay. Here is some important lines from the song take a look:

"Lucifer son of the morning I'm gonna chase you out of the EARTH!!

I gotta get my soul right, I gotta get the devils out my life. These cowards gonna make a nigga ride. They wont be happy till somebody dies!! I gotta get my soul right ~ before I'm locked up for my hood life.

This song in no way worships the Devil the entire lyrics if you check them out talk about the "hood" / street life and getting out. It also refers to making his life better making things right etc. etc. etc. Check out the full version at http://www.lyrics.com/

"Ignorance is a very powerful tool"

Oh no has Jay-Z converted Denzel they both are throwing up the "ROC" sign but to you conspiracy people who are haters and out to get Jay they are both doing the so called masonary sign! Its the "ROC" its always been the "ROC" stop reading into it.

Do What Thou Wilt

Do What Thou Wiltis the official dictum of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and of its reformer, occultist Aleister Crowley. The O.T.O. is a hermetic order modeled after Freemasonry and German Illuminism and teaches its initiates the secrets of the Mysteries, gnosticism, sex magick, Kaballah and other occult sciences. Contrarily to Freemasonry, the O.T.O. is however based on the Law of Thelema which main precept is Do What Thou Wilt be the whole of the Law. Although this saying was interpreted in different ways, most agree that it refers to the dismissal of conventional moral and ethical rules in order to find ones True Will In other words, the usual guidelines by which good and evil are determined have to be blurred and forgotten to obtain the true path to illumination.

There are no standards of Right. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with moral principles; there is no such things. -Crowley, Aleister. The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL, II,28.

"Run This Town Video"

Run This Town only adds to the suspicions surrounding him due to the symbolism and philosophy displayed in the video. In light of those facts, some questions arise: has Jay-Z sided with the elite to succeed in the corporate world? NO!!!!

Is he used to promote NWO agenda? NO!!!!

Or is this an act to fuel rumors and to add a little mystique around his persona because he is RICH and BLACK? YES!!!!

Maybe its all of the above. Could it be just to generate buzz around his latest album ?

So be it if thats the case. What is the harm in going to a Jay-Z concert and throwing up the "ROC" sign does this really mean you are being converted to the dark side? Are you becoming a Mason ? Or is it just the "ROC" like its been for years. I'm siding wit Hov this time Im gonna be throwing up my triangle and buying my Jay-Z CD's till the end or until till Sean Carter ~ aka ~ Jay-Z says straight from his mouth that all this sh*& is true.

And if I ever think different that he might have had to do anything with my boy PAC's issues ~ You know which side I ride ~ West Side for Life!!! One Luv One THUG. Holla at your boy Pac he out there.