"Close your eyes, hear the ballad of a dead soldier"

The plan, to take command of the whole family ~ Pac is saying here he is leaving Death ROW taking control of his own.Pac and the Outlawz were setting up their own label Euphanasia.

Though underhanded, to be the man it was planned. Pac is saying that this entire deal was thought out well in advance and planned for months.

All my road dawgs, official mob figures love to act up. This line refers to the Outlawz.

The first to bomb we rob niggaz. Pac is saying he isnt going to sit back and watch this unfold he is taking action first.

I can be, lost in my own mind. To be the boss only thought's grip on chrome nines. Niggaz get tossed up, war scars, battlefield memories.
This is refering to Pac taking action agaisnt his enemies.

Swore I saw the devil in my empty glass of Hennesey Talkin to a nigga on a tight leash Screamin "F**k the police," as I ride through the night streets. The devil in the empty glass is Suge Knight getting ready to betray PAC & he knew it.

Lil' child runnin wild, toward his danger. What's the cause don't be alarmed death to all strangers. Maybe I'm a madman... A pistol grabbin nigga unleash the Sandman. Promisin merciless retaliation, nothin is colder! Close your eyes, hear the ballad of a dead soldier! Nothing really to be read into this except once again PAC is seeking retaliation on his enemies.


Completely lost, revenge at all costs. Pac is saying he has disappeared and will seek revenge no matter what.

Payback's a bitch, switch now the trick's crossed. PAC is saying here that he was onto Suge Knight and switched the game on him that night in Vegas.

Tossed up and never to be heard of. PAC faking his death and disappearing for the time being.

A single witness screamin bloody murder, murder.

This would be Kadahfi he was the only witness willing to talk. Blast tell me homey what you see now? A blind man and a dead body, I'm read' to leave town. The gun shots are the blast and the blind man is SUGE he has no idea what has just happened? & Pac is now leaving town to hide.

And get my cash though, hook up with Kastro. Homey had to blast on the task force. Stupid coppers tried to play us out, never that. They took my money and my stash, time to get 'em back (heh heh) This is PAC talking about the COPS and how they always stole from him.

Upon my secret arrival..... PAC talking about his RETURN

Two glock four-fives, time for survival Death to my rivals. PAC saying he is ready when he gets back and death to anyone who opposes his arrival.

Tell me what you want lord? Nobody left after the death of a drug lord The situation's critical. Nothin is colder - than hear the ballad of a dead soldier! Pac is saying no one is left in the game. They all got snuffed out like Biggie.

Takin private planes, tryin to survive the game. This is PAC saying he is still out there using private jets as transportation to survive the game.

For all my homies that'll never be alive again I think this is just a shout out to Kadahfi maybe?

All he promised us is death nigga... Take a breath come be the last one left nigga, it's real now. Here PAC is saying death was promised and that�s what happened now its time to breathe again and be the last one left for real.

All the niggaz that want some and that don't take none, Hahaha.. it's the ballad of a dead soldier! The police are so scared of us. All the feds they aware of us. They wanna see us dead. They got pictures of a nigga head, ballad of a dead soldier! Tryin to see me in chains, shit. Them niggaz'll never breathe again. Before they put me in a cell they'll see me in hell Cause it's the ballad of a dead soldier! Got my pistols cocked Run the whole motherfuckin block, fuck the cops! The police? We run these streets nigga. Ain't heard the ballad of a dead soldier! These niggaz can't see me, half the world wanna be me. Multi-millionaire; shit, it ain't fair. But nigga, you know - it's the ballad of a dead soldier!

All of this is PAC taunting the police, the FEDS, the FBI and anyone who is not with him.